We track the adoption of the bitcoin lightning network by merchants and allow users to find and review them. The website is mostly automated and community maintained: adding stores, tagging and updating (most/all updates done by website owners).


Team: Pedro Fernandes (founder), BitcoinBram (frontend development) and Bilthon (frontend development)

Twitter: @bitcoinLNS

Telegram: LNstores (public group)

Development slack: LNstores (ask us for an invitation)


I don't understand this website, how do I use it?

Check our quick tutorial here:

Why do votes disappear/decrease over time?

For about 18 months the votes didn't disappear but the increase in bitcoin's price made it harder and harder for new users to make a visible impact, making the website look always the same and boring. To compensate for this, after polling our users, we decided that the best solution would be to gradually decrease the weight of each vote.

How do votes disappear/decrease over time?

Immedialy after being cast, votes are worth the amount of satoshis paid. After 270 days (about 9 months), they are worth half of their original value, and after another 270 days they are worth one fourth of their original value. This very slow exponential decrease is updated about every 10 minutes. This rate of evaporation is equivalent to losing about 7.4% of their value per month or 60% of their value per year.

How to get a store listed?

A store can get instantly added by using the button on the main page.
If you are trustworthy or plan on adding several stores, ask for a contributor code so you can add stores without paying the anti-spam listing fee.

If you have any issue you can send us an email: [email protected]

How to edit or remove a store?

Website owners can updated their information by logging in on the website with a link sent to their company email. They can request this link by clicking "Login as owner" from their own page. You can suggest for a store to be banned by clicking the icon on the store page.

How are the trending and controversial scores calculated?

Controversial scores are calculated like reddit does. Trending scores are calculated using the formula: (S-EMA)/max(40000000, min(20000,S)), where S is the current score of the store in satoshis (upvotes-downvotes) and EMA is the exponential moving average of the score. The half-life of the EMA is currently set to 4 days. This formula may be tweaked in the future.

When are stores tweeted in @bitcoinLNS?

Currently every new store and trending stores (trending score >= 10) are tweeted. A store can be tweeted again if: it hasn't been tweeted for 8 days, it's score has been increased by at least 100000 satoshis (1 mBTC) since the last tweet and has a trending score no lower than 10. Only payments can trigger tweets, no matter how small or the direction. These rules are subject to change and might even be held secret if people start abusing them.

Why do you have a bitcoin faucet?

We think that it's much better to have a faucet than to spend money on advertising. We aim to always give away at least 1 satoshi. Most faucets so far have failed or been emptied due to poor abuse prevention measures. Our faucet was designed to distribute bitcoin to many users while blocking robots and users abusive users.


A big Thanks for all the people that add new lightning stores as they get announced! If you are frequent contributor, ask for a coupon code to add stores without paying the small entry fee.

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