The goal of this website is to track the adoption of the lightning network by merchants and to inform bitcoin users where they can spend their bitcoin through lightning. It tries to be most complete repository of lightning merchants, while also providing a comprehensive list of lightning mobile wallets. Feel free to suggest new features to be added.


Main developer/maintainer: Pedro FR

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @bitcoinLNS

Git repository: https://github.com/lightningnetworkstores/lightningnetworkstores.github.io

Our node (using Strike from Acinq): 038[email protected]


How to get a store listed?

A store can get instantly added by using the button on the main page. If you are a trustworthy or plan on adding several stores, ask for a coupon code so you can add stores without paying the small entry fee.

In the rare scenario where the button doesn't work or you can't route a payment, you can make a pull request to sites.json or send an email to [email protected]

How to edit or remove a store?

Use the and icons on the main page. We plan to improve these tools to edit or remove stores automatically through veryfing ownership of the domain.

How to add/edit/remove a wallet/service/donation-address/testnet-store?

If you are used to working with git, make a pull request to wallets.json, services.json, donationAddresses.json or sitesTestnet.json

How are the trending and controversial scores calculated?

Controversial scores are calculated like reddit does. Trending scores are calculated using the formula: (S-EMA)/max(35000000, min(20000,S)), where S is the current score of the store in satoshis (upvotes-downvotes) and EMA is the exponential moving average of the score. The half-life of the EMA is currently set to 4 days. This formula may be tweaked in the future.

When are stores tweeted in @bitcoinLNS?

Currently every new store and trending stores (trending score >= 50) are tweeted. A store can be tweeted again if: it hasn't been tweeted for 8 days, it's score has been increased by at least 100000 satoshis (1 mBTC) since the last tweet and has a trending score no lower than 30. Only payments can trigger tweets, no matter how small or the direction. These rules are subject to change and might even be held secret if people start abusing them.


A big Thanks for all the people that add new lightning stores as they get announced! If you are frequent contributor, ask for a coupon code to add stores without paying the small entry fee.